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October 24, 2012 - Fifth Class Reflections

October 24, 2012

Well, to blog this week about class will be a little different than other weeks.  I was unable to attend most of the class due to my school having Parent Teacher interviews (PT).  I did come to the first part of the class and I was able to come to last part of the class. It was a busy night, trying my best to be at the PT interviews and at class.  Luckily, my school and the class are on the same campus.  At the beginning of class, my partner and I presented our project on Proloque2Go.  I think we did a great job with our presentation, B.Welsford and classmates had some great comments and suggestions on how to improve our project.  It was a great experience to present in front of colleagues and I think my partner and I did well.  Thank you!!  :)
When I returned from PT interviews I had the opportunity to listen to one last group to present their project.  I thought they did a great job and one reason it was enjoyable to listen to their work was because one of the presenters was presenting through the Ipad and Skype or Facetime.  It was really neat to have them present and have the technology of the Ipad provide the opportunity for them to show their work.  Awesome work ladies!!!

One aspect I wanted to touch on today in my blog was the PT interviews. I wanted to mention the continuous movement of parents to be aware of the technology that is available for their children.  It has been something I found myself being more conscientiously aware of since taking this course.  Parents are becoming technologically advanced, knowledgeable and excited about the use of technology with their children.  There were many conversations with parents, that involved Individual Program Plans (IPP's), describing the use of technology to aid the students in achieving success with their goals.  Many of the parents were aware of the various Assistive Technology devices and programs we mentioned to them.  Especially the ones that were connected to the Ipad or Ipod.  In some cases, the parents mentioned APPS that they have been using with their children over the summer.  It was something I wanted to mention in my blog today because it really is a step forward for parents.  As we move forward with the advancements in technology, it seems like we will be moving forward together, more than ever before. This makes me very excited as a Resource Teacher. 

Moving Forward together :)

Next weeks class will be via an Webinar!!!  Looking forward to this experience!! 

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  1. Tremendous insight and thanks for sharing Scott. This IS so exciting! I'm going to share with SS team too:)